Chris Thal Restaurant

Dining Experience

Chris Thal Restaurant has been created to offer its guests unique moments and special tasting experiences. Both our space and menu combine simplicity with complexity.

The interior and exterior of our restaurant are lined with wooden and stone elements, thus preserving the traditional beauty of the landscape. However, modern touches of decor come to lighten the space but also add color, style and comfort.

Our philosophy has also been adopted by the kitchen. Using products from local partners and farmers, pure – simple and seasonal ingredients. We choose only the best to create special dishes for you. Some of which are grown in our own vegetable and herb garden.

Experience our proposition of alfresco dining where the wooden benches and tables overlook the landscape and gaze at the panoramic view. Tuck into plates of Mediterranean fare perfectly paired with handpicked bottles of wine. 

Our Bar offers coffee and tea, fresh, healthy drinks and whatever else your heart desires. High tea with friends can also be arranged. After all you are here on vacation to enjoy yourself.

Operating Hours & Reservations: please visit Dining page

Whether in the cosiness of our indoor space or the tranquillity of our outdoor space we are here to offer you unique tasting experiences.

We are looking forward to welcoming you.!

Hermès Academy Equestrian Club

The modern lifestyle has strongly created the need for a return to nature! The tranquility and simplicity of the countryside may become even more attractive when accompanied by four-legged presences.

At 3 Hills Boutique, together with Hermès Academy Equestrian Club we want to provide the ultimate sense of relaxation to our guests. This can be accomplished through the interaction with the horse. The horse, as a being that has accompanied man for a long time, may turn out to be your best friend.

At our facilities you have the opportunity to get to know these beautiful creatures, to be properly and responsibly trained for its care, but also feel the connection. After that you are ready to enjoy ride with your new friend safely and always accompanied by an instructor!

To request a training call us today at +30 2351 604055 or use the Contact Form

This new relationship with a calm and honest creature gives everyday life a new perspective on the virtues of communication, calmness and patience. The interaction and effort to gain deeper communication with the horse will bring you closer to greater values in life.

Our visitors are given the appropriate equipment to participate safely either in our training program or on horseback riding in one of our special horse riding routes. The training courses take place on a fenced and highly controlled horse track, while the routes follow different paths at a distance of 1.5 km, specially designed for your excursions!

Not just a Hotel. A Venue that hosts Weddings and special events.

3HILLS BOUTIQUE is the alternative proposal for Wedding Receptions and special events. This Venue offers panoramic views of distant mountains and hills. 

If you’re unsure about fully committing to a truly outdoor space, consider an indoor -outdoor option as well. Take in the stunning views and enjoy the rustic aesthetic of the hills and green throughout the property.

Located in the heart of Nature and sorrounded by beautiful hills for spectacular views. A space created with love and respect to Nature.

Enchanting and effortless beauty. Empty your mind, rise in Love and let your heart embrace the tranquility of this peaceful place. Live the moment.

3Hills Boutique is the new proposal for you.

To request a proposal, call us today at +30 2351 604055 or use the Events Contact Form