Horse Riding

Hermès Academy Equestrian Club

Hermès Academy Equestrian Club

The modern lifestyle has strongly created the need for a return to nature! The tranquility and simplicity of the countryside may become even more attractive when accompanied by four-legged presences.

At 3 Hills Boutique, together with Hermès Academy Equestrian Club we want to provide the ultimate sense of relaxation to our guests. This can be accomplished through the interaction with the horse. The horse, as a being that has accompanied man for a long time, may turn out to be your best friend.

Horse Riding

Riding Program

Enjoy horse riding in nature! Horses are sensitive and thoughtful creatures that build strong and personal relationships with their rider. They are very friendly and the contact with them has healing powers.

The temperature that their body emits during riding or just by touching them, has a positive and beneficial effect on the psychology of the rider and even the visitor. The external appearance of these magnificent creatures is the most beautiful touch in the beauty of Nature and the exterior itself.

We feel privileged to have them among us to share unique moments, to bond with them and create a special connection.

Riding Program

Summer Winter
Tuesday to Friday
12:00 – 19:00
Tuesday to Friday
09:00 – 18:00
Saturday & Sunday
11:00 – 20:00
Saturday & Sunday
09:00 – 18:00


4 lessons per month 45΄ training // 60 €

8 lessons per month 45΄ training // 110 €


  1. Educational  10΄ // 9€
  2. Educational + Route  Nr.1 – 20΄ // 15€
  3. Route  Nr.1  – 30΄ // 20€
  4. Route  Nr.2  –  60΄ // 35€
  5. Route  Nr.3  –  90΄ // 50€


  • Free style horse riding

Duration – 3 hours

Price – 70€ pp (5 persons max)

  • Ride on the beach (Only during summer time)

Duration – 2 hours

Price – 50€ pp (4 persons max)

  • Unique private experience

Duration – 1,5 hour

Price – 40€ pp

  • Horse riding with overnight in tents & BBQ (Only during summer time)

Duration – 3 hours  + 3 hours next day return

Price – 100€ per person (5 persons max)

• Free style horse riding with BBQ
Duration – 2 hours / Price – 60€ pp
Duration – 3 hours / Price – 80€ pp
(6 persons max)

  • Accompanied by instructor at all times
  • Riding equipment provided

To request a training, call us today at +30 2351 235263 or use the Contact Form

Enjoy Horse Riding

Enjoy horse riding

Enjoy horse riding with Hermes Academy Equestrian Club

This new relationship with a calm and honest creature gives everyday life a new perspective on the virtues of communication, calmness and patience. The interaction and effort to gain deeper communication with the horse will bring you closer to greater values in life.

Our visitors are given the appropriate equipment to participate safely either in our training program or on horseback riding in one of our special horse riding routes. The training courses take place on a fenced and highly controlled horse track, while the routes follow different paths at a distance of 1.5 km, specially designed for your excursions!

To request a training, call us today at +30 2351 235263 or use the Contact Form